Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day with what, less than a week away? I though I would post some ideas that my family will be doing and some other related things that I’ve found on the web.

Sweet Treats

Alright, so the first cake I will DEFINITELY be making. It is so simple, how have I not done this before. I tried my hand in cake decorating at one point in time and realized, I’m no cake wars contestant – but it’s still fun. My daughter Alyssa loves to be a little chef so she will enjoy it. Now, the other cake that I posted I personally wont be making because I hate those little heart candies, but hey, if you like them then this cake is for you. Its SUPER cute to where I wish I liked the heart candies =[.


Scavenger Hunt


Another thing that I would like to do this year is a scavenger hunt.  This blog Adventures in Wunderland has the printables and information for the scavenger hunt.

Printable Love Coupons For Kids


Alright so I’m obsessed with printables so we will be giving these to Alyssa. You can grab it here:



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