My breastfeeding journey

In the beginning…

As soon as found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew that I wanted to breastfeed – no questions asked. When Kylie was born, she latched on right away about ten minutes after birth.  “I guess I am one of the lucky ones” I thought to myself, but in the following days I quickly learned that it was not always going to come so easy.

I honestly didn’t realize how much newborns actually slept. Like seriously,  it’s crazy.  I was freaking out in the hospital because she just wouldn’t wake up to feed. She would sleep for 6 hour periods skipping feedings. I was worried. The doctors said that she was doing fine and when we took her home we still had the same problem. I could not wake the child up, she was such a heavy sleeper (just like her father). I would undress her – Zzzzz, make noises -Zzzzz,  move her around -Zzzzz,  even pat her with a cold rag -Zzzzz.  NOTHING WOULD WAKE THIS CHILD UP! Eventually she did start waking up on her own to eat, after about 2 weeks. There was no fix all method to getting her to feed, it just gradually came.


When Kylie was born she weighed 7 lbs 8 ounces. Her weight dropped before leaving the hospital to 6 lbs 13 ounces (dropping weight is normal). While we were in the hospital,  after feedings Kylie would throw up the doctors and nurses all said it was fine and not to worry, just to keep the suction bulb near by. I swear she would puke (not spit up after every feeding). I was terrified. I didn’t sleep for three days after she was born because I was to busy staring at her making sure she wasn’t going to choke on her throw up.

So according to the doctors, Kylie should have been back to her birth weight by two weeks old. I can’t exactly remember what her weight was at the time, but it was no where close to 7lbs 8 ounces. The doctors started getting worried. I had told them that she was vomiting about 5 to 8 times a day- Not just baby spit up but projectile vomiting. They finally diagnosed her with reflux and suggested I give her a thickening formula. At the same time they prescribed Zantac. I declined the formula but accepted to start giving her the Zantac.

She hated that stuff and would always make a nasty face when I gave it to her (confession : the yucky face was kinda cute). Eventually she learned to take it like a champ.

Opinion on public breast feeding

 I AM ALL FOR IT! But personally, I just don’t do it. Whenever I’m doing out, I bring milk with me for the baby. I gladly support any woman who will feed her baby in public but I just cant bring myself to it… Maybe one day I will build up enough courage to finally do it! We will see.

Anyways, I also wanted to post this video on the public’s view of breastfeeding. This video terrible, but an eye opener.



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